Reflections on Person of The Year

I finally got a look at the actual paper version of the Time “Person of the Year” issue and was struck by the mirror on the cover where the picture would normally be.

That’s not a new graphic design idea, of course, and I suppose it makes sense since the editors have chosen You for the annual honor.

However, I wonder how many of the people who subscribe to the magazine or buy it from a newstand (and see themselves in the mirror) are part of the “massive social experiment” in which web users also contribute to its content.

If you still get your news once a week in a paper edition, are you likely to be participating in the continuing online conversation? Not making a judgement – just asking.

By the way, it’s also interesting that the ad pushed in front of you on Time’s web site when going to the article uses the line “You may not be Time person of the year. But you can drive like you are.”

I guess Chrysler didn’t get the memo.

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