Annual Rites of Torture

The lack of ranting around here the past few days has been due to a very busy week at work intersecting with the US tax code. I finally finished the nasty work of figuring out just how much the government gets (or a good approximation) and it’s in the digital mail. So, that’s done for another year. Just for the record, we had to pay a little to the feds and will be getting back just about the same amount from the state. The Zen balance of taxes.

Every year when the subject of taxes comes up someone is bound to remark "But you were a math teacher; it must be easy for you." Sorry, but the process of figuring out those federal forms has little to do with mathematics. There’s not a lot of logic in there either. Even with a computer and software that asks all the questions, it’s still hard to understand just what I’m supposed to tell the IRS. I hope the folks at 12th and Constitution are having a good laugh tonight.