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The New York Times asks Will the Next Version of Windows Be Worth the Wait?


The next version of the Big Monopoly’s operating system is due to arrive some time in 2006, at least three years late and missing some of the major features originally proposed to make it special. But evidently the most important feature will be that it will provide "vast improvements in security". Which tells you a lot about the current version.


  1. Mariann

    I am so glad that I’m pushing for a total Mac migration in my department. We’ve had nothing but trouble with the PCs we ordered *only* two years ago and minimal fuss with our Macs. While we’re supported in this endeavor by the University president, who loves Apple, and the county schools, many faculty are resisting the change. Do you happen to have any non-Apple links for reasons to switch? :)

  2. Tim

    I would start with Mac vs. PC which is written by a parent who was upset with his child’s school system deciding to drop Macs. Lots of good information with links to even more.

    Another is Defending the Mac in Three Minutes or Less written by a science teacher for a presentation to his school board.

    Good luck. It’s hard to convince people that cheap and mediocre machines are not the “best value”.

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