Another Frightening Show About the Economy

Last May, the public radio program This American Life presented an edition of their show called The Giant Pool of Money which did an excellent job of explaining the mortgage crisis and how it was affecting the financial markets.

Six months later, with an economic meltdown in progress, the same reporters are back this week with Another Frightening Show About the Economy.

This is, without a doubt, the best explanation I’ve heard of how we’ve arrived at the mess we’re in. It’s also the kind of reporting that we should be getting from the major news outlets, especially the business talking heads channels.

Grab the show (from the TAL web site or iTunes) and listen while it’s free. It’s well worth an hour of your time.

[Which brings up the one annoying thing about This American Life. Their programs are available to download free for one week following the broadcast. After that you must pay to get the file or listen online (and capture the stream with the right software :-).]

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  1. Dave

    Back in the day, I think This American Life’s online streaming was done with Real, and I could download the file that started the streaming, get the web address of the actual streaming file from inside of it, and then download the full Real Audio file directly and listen to it whenever. Without looking, I wonder if that’s possible or if you still have to rip the stream.

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