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Five Minutes to Improve Schools

Watch this presentation by Chris Lehmann.

Now watch it again and pay very close attention to what he’s saying about American education.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the unique format (sort of TED on speed :-) and Chris’ energy and miss his very important points.

For me his key idea is right here:

How is it that we have so many passionate dedicated educators and so many really failing schools? The problem is, that you put a good person in a bad system, the system wins every time. We need to change the system.


School reform movements in this country target just about everything other than our outdated and increasingly ineffective educational structure.

And that’s something that really needs to change.


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  1. To spend a moment with Chris is amazing. He is able to connect with anyone and his passion and knowledge is astounding. When I saw that video, the part you quoted is the one that stood out the most. He gets to the heart of it…

  2. I (heart) Chris in a manly way. He just gets it. He understands the problem and puts himself into a position to successfully change the problem. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I forgot to add…What a horrible set up for that presentation! 5 minutes? That’s a joke. His info his too good for him to have to race through it.

  4. He has a lot of really good ideas. I like the fast-talk with solutions rather than problems. We’ve been looking deeply at the data aspect of schools. It’s definitely an expensive and tough nut to crack.

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