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Beating Stress

AnimalA study done at a Pennsylvania retirement home seems to show that employees who participated in weekly drumming sessions at work had lower levels of stress which lead to lower turnover rates. I’m not sure I buy the findings, although I imagine working in a nursing home is very stressful. For my workplace I suppose it could be fun bothering the people in the next office with a drum solo. But I probably wouldn’t have even stopped to read the article if it wasn’t for the picture of Animal that came with the story. An-ni-mal!!


  1. Vito Prosciutto

    The illustration and your reaction belie what I would guess the sessions actually are: It’s a group drumming session with hand drums (drum circle). Having participated in one, it really is an amazing stress-reducer. Find yourself a drum circle in your area and try it (many have drums that people can borrow to join in). The practice of just sitting in a circle making a common rhythm is very relaxing. No wonder every culture has invented drums.

  2. Tim

    Thanks, Vito. I figured the drumming was probably more than just banging on big rock drum set. Mostly I was attracted by the photo of Animal – my favorite Muppet. :-)

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