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Would a Teacher-Centered School Be Better?

Over at ReformK12, Chett had a good time earlier this week laughing at the concept of a "child-centered" school. I would think, however, that any school that wasn’t child centered should be considered a fraud.

Of course, he was using the story of one particular totally off the wall school as an example to invalidate the whole "progressive" approach to education (which advocates giving kids more control over their own learning). I agree that this particular school is not one I would send my kids to. But considering how much of an advocate for parent choice ReformK12 is, I would think he would welcome all kinds of schools – even progressive ones – giving ALL parents a choice of the type of education that best fits the needs of their kids.

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  1. chett

    In my little world, parent choice (the more choices and avenues–including vouchers–the better) makes all my arguments against Progressive Education moot. :-)

    I fully believe that if every parent had full control over where to send Johnny, then a lot of effective reforms would bubble to the surface, and the uber-Progressive school profiled in my piece would be relegated to the ashbin of history.

    An important not about that extreme school governed by Princess Sparkle: it is not a choice school. Pity those kids.

    Oh, and a clarification: I have nothing against child-centered schools (after all, what are schools for?) it’s when it becomes the dogmatic, capitalized “Child-Centered” that I raise the red flag.


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