$7 Trillion in Debt – When it comes to money, I’m a conservative. That goes for my personal finances (I get worried when the credit card hits a couple hundred dollars) as well as the debt I share with most people and a few select corporations in this country. Whatever happened to the good old days when Republicans were fiscal conservatives? I guess these days they’re more concerned with Super Bowl half-time shows and gay marriage.

Corporate Fraud – While the all-talking-heads channels are in a frenzy over Martha Stewart’s trial, where she’s accused of getting a little richer by legally suspect means but not hurting anyone, they aren’t paying a lot of attention to Jeff Skilling. Jeff is the former CEO of Enron who not only made himself a lot richer but killed the investments of thousands of people, many his own employees. Forget Martha! Put the court’s energy into making sure this guy spends the rest of his life cleaning the toilets of everyone he hurt. It would be a good thing.

Economic Advice – W’s economic advisors told him that the US would gain an impossibly high 2.6 million new jobs this year. On top of that the chairman of this brain trust said that companies sending jobs overseas is a good thing for the economy. Looks like W has been getting the same quality of economic advice that he got for weapons in Iraq.

Bye, Bye Carrie and Angel – Normally when a television show is canceled or quits, it’s not a big deal. Most successful shows stay on the air one to two seasons longer than the writers have good story lines (Northern Exposure and The X Files are two great examples). But I will miss Sex and the City when it ends Sunday and Angel, sometime in May. Sex and the City never lost it’s spark because the writers allowed the characters to grow into different and more interesting people. The writers of Angel constantly sent their characters off in new directions, usually good ones, occasionally dead ends. What both shows had in common was great writing, something missing from most of the crap on the air (wire? satellite?).