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Beginning At The End

Fox News has a "special report" tomorrow night called "Breaking Point: The Education Crisis in America". I’ll TiVo the program and comment about the content after I’ve seen it but just from the title I suspect Fox willl do their usual "fair and balanced" approach to the subject. That is, Fox News executives have already decided on the conclusions and the "reporters" will do everything they can to arrive at that point in the end.

However, despite my misgivings about the content, I would never demand the show be pulled without seeing it – unlike the RNC.


  1. Mike Arnzen

    Just watched it…I’ll be interested in reading your thoughts. I felt they didn’t spend enough time on the “crisis” side of the equation (I expected a lot more 60 Minutes-like scare tactics)… and I was suprised by their closing focus on what works in schools. But overall the whole show was better than I expected — but at the same time everything was rushed. They spent WAYYYY too much time on the “teacher’s unions are getting in our way” story, that’s for sure. I wasn’t clear on what they were getting in the way OF! — Mike Arnzen

  2. Vito Prosciutto

    I wasn’t clear on what they were getting in the way OF!

    The unions are getting in the way of dismantling teacher’s unions. For some reason they won’t go along with the program of people like Joanne Jacobs who think we need massive teacher layoffs.

  3. J.P. Laurier/Catholic School Blogger

    Perhaps education officials could have agitated to have Fox pull their documentary if, like the producers of “The Reagans,” network reporters had included in the show made-up quotations from people they didn’t like, or smeared the reputation of a top educrat with Alzheimer’s without giving anyone an opportunity to defend him on the program.

    Conservatives should consider it an opportunity lost; I’ll bet more people tune in Showtime on the 30th to see what all the fuss was about re “The Reagans” than watched the Fox show on education…

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