Michael Jackson – To hell with Iraq – we got us a celebrity scandal!! Jackson hasn’t been relevant for at least fifteen years but he still manages to suck down an incredible amount of air time. And don’t tell me anyone is surprised about this latest episode.

Paris Hilton – Your fifteen minutes are up – get off the stage!!

Gay Marriages – Undecided. It’s probably the right thing to do but I don’t know if the country is ready. But it sure was fun this week to watch the histrionics of all the dull, straight (I think) politicians over the court decision in Massachusetts. Too bad education, the economy, poverty, health care and the other real issues don’t get them this excited.

JFK Retrospectives – These seem to fall into one of two categories: very reverent stories of the man’s life and death, or rehashes of the vast catalog of conspiracy theories. Which is pretty much the same approach from the last big anniversary – and the one before that. Give it a rest unless you can come up with a different way to tell the story.