Although Firefox is growing in popularity, the vast majority of the world uses Internet Explorer to view the web. However, as the use of RSS spreads, there are many more tools that can be used to quickly and efficiently obtain information from the web (as opposed to just surfing it).

Including, it turns out, Adobe’s ubiquitous Acrobat. The most recent support announcement from Adobe offers this tip:

If you have Adobe Acrobat(R) 7.0, you can use it as a newsreader to view RSS feeds. Choose Comments > Tracker, choose Services > Subscribe, and then enter the URL for the RSS feed you want to receive.

Now, I’m not sure why you’d choose Acrobat over a browser or dedicated newsreader (I use the excellent NetNewsWire). But it’s interesting that this software, which most people think of strictly in terms of electronic distribution of paper documents, understands RSS. I wonder what the designers had in mind with that move.