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Building a Web 2.0 Empire

Several years ago they bought Blogger, the largest blog host in the world.

Earlier this month, they picked up YouTube, current hot site for video sharing.

Writely, an online word processor, was purchased in March and added to their web-based spreadsheet and calendar applications.

Today, Google announced they’re acquiring wiki hosting company JotSpot.

I’m wondering how long will it take for the company to make all this stuff work together?

Even more interesting, how long will it take before Google’s whole collection becomes a reasonable alternative to the Big Monopoly’s Office software package for the average computer user?

I’m betting on before the end of this decade.

However, now comes the hard part. How do they make money from giving away blogs, wikis, and office applications?

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  1. Lee Dixon

    They don’t have to make money. They make money elsewhere. This will keep Microsoft from making money. The best defense is a good offense.

  2. Christian

    The key is ‘owning’ the alphabet, something that Microsoft made a decent play at with Office (et al) in the last decade or more. As Google becomes more and more the default ‘language’ of how we all communicate — in all of the conceivable mediums and techniques — in an anytime, anywhere, 2-way manner, then Google’s income stream becomes permanent. It’s one thing to own the software or tool (Microsoft’s 1.0 version); it is quite another to own the way in which we communicate regardless of what tool we use (Google’s 2.0 vesion).

  3. Tim

    The one hesitation I have with offering all-out support for Google’s free products is that they could decide to make them un-free at any time.

    However, Google makes their money (right now) from ads, largely generated from searches. They will probably continue to give away basic services like word processing with the expectation that people will automatically use their search tools as well.

    Warning: predictions (mine or any others) about Google and the web in general has an accuracy life of 30 days. :-)

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