A column in the Boston Globe offers some advice to those looking for work that includes blogging in a positive light.

8. Write a blog. Don’t tell yourself that blogs are for kids. They’re not. They’re for professionals to get noticed. Himler, the Amherst student and AOL blogger, points out that blogging is very time-consuming, even for a college student. “College students are really into MySpace and Facebook. Blogging hasn’t taken off. But in five years my friends will go into a profession and they will want to get their name out there, and the best way to do that is with a blog.”

Himler fits in blogging with his full-time job of being a student, so consider that you might be able to tackle a blog as well.

9. Comment on blogs. Realistically, most people don’t have the time or mental energy to maintain a blog. But you can target people you would like to work for and start commenting on their blog. Bloggers notice the people who regularly post great comments. This is a way to enter into a conversation with someone you want to notice you. This is a good tactic not just for hiring managers but also for people in your industry who are well-connected and could help you if they knew you. Michael Keleman, who blogs at Recruiting Animal, says that headhunters who blog regularly turn their commenters into job candidates.

Entering the conversation online could be valuable in other ways than just getting noticed. But it’s nice this writer connects blogs and conversations at all.

And it’s great that someone understands the distinction between social networking and blogging.

Now, why aren’t we having this discussion with our high school students?

How many guidance and career counselors have even considered the positive side of blogging?

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