Anyone who teaches teenagers (or been the parent of one) can tell you that they can be a very fickle group. What’s hot today is out tomorrow and it’s often difficult to predict when the switch occurs.

So, it should come as no surprise that MySpace may be on it’s way out as the favorite web hangout and Facebook and other sites on the rise.

Of course, the fact that this is being reported on the front page of a major newspaper may also mean than the transition has been happening for a while and it’s just now that we adults are getting the message.

The reason for the kids moving to other online socialization site, however, may be due to more than just boredom.

Some teens, however, say security and privacy — already a common concern among parents and teachers — are dampening their enthusiasm for MySpace.

The high school English class cites several reasons for backing off of MySpace: Creepy people proposition them. Teachers and parents monitor them. New, more alluring free services comes along, so they collectively jump ship.

I guess some kids are learning a few lessons about being online without any help from us.

But it’s nice that there are few students not following the crowd of their peers.

Evan Hansen, a sophomore at Falls Church High School, said he didn’t buy into the MySpace hype and is waiting for the craze to die.

“Over time, people are going to get sick of talking to people on the computer,” he said. “I just think people will want to spend more time with each other — without the wall of technology.”

Reality… What a concept!

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