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Can-Spam – Not!

Last month Congress passed the CAN-SPAM bill banning spam (the email type, not the canned meat or the Python sketch). Virginia, the state where I live, enacted a "tough" anti-spam bill a couple of months ago. So why are there 50+ pieces of digital crap in my Mail junk folder today and most days? Evidently I’m not the only one asking the question on both sides of the Atlantic since similar legislation in England hasn’t done much good either.

Give it up guys! You’ll never stop this stuff by passing laws. But spam doesn’t really bother me anyway since the junk mail filter in OS X’s Mail program catches almost everything. Plus I’m just not as worked up about it as some people seem to be.

Laura Yecies, senior director for e-mail at Yahoo!, which filed four lawsuits against spammers in April, considers it an enormous problem. "Over three quarters of our users are so aggravated by deleting spam," she says, "that they think it’s worse than cleaning out their toilets."

If that’s the case, send those Yahoo! users over to my house. They can clean my toilets and I’ll delete their spam!

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  1. Vito Prosciutto

    You know what gives you that zen feeling? It’s the OS X spam filter. The filter that I have on my mail server gets some undisclosed number of messages, but I have about 200 or so that slip past per day (15 in just the last hour!), but OS X’s spam filter manages to zap most of them. 1 or 2 spam messages a day is much less aggravating than 200.

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