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Come Back, Jon!

This is EXACTLY how I feel about the television writers strike!

Keep your sitcoms, most dramas, and all but one “reality” show.

I miss getting my news analysis from Jon Stewart.

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  1. NYC Educator

    I miss Jon too. But if he crosses a picket line to go back to work, I don’t think I’ll ever watch him again.

  2. Tim

    If I was a writer for one of the late night shows, I’d want to see the host cross the picket line to do their show without us. With the possible exception of David Letterman (who’s best when he’s pissed at something), the programs will run out of material pretty quickly, thus demonstrating to the networks why they need to settle the strike.

  3. Dave

    What if the strike lasts all the way to November – could the lack of the Daily Show affect election outcomes? (rather, -how- will it affect outcomes?)

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