Early tomorrow I will be heading south for a few days in Virginia Beach, site our annual state technology conference sponsored by the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

It’s not a huge affair like the ones in Florida, Texas, or California but I never leave one of these sessions without learning plenty of new things and meeting lots of great people. That’s what makes a great conference.

My workshop, Web 2.0 In The Classroom, is Monday morning so, of course, I’ll probably be doing some last minute tweaking in my hotel room the night before.

We’ll see how many people actually show up. I’m always delightfully surprised when anyone does, especially when they have to pay extra as with the conference workshops.

The only potential problem might be the weather. The forecast is for some of that ever popular “wintery mix” to be falling in the morning. With any luck it will be nothing but rain by the time I get a few miles down the highway.

Look for some entries about the conference (Marc Prensky is our keynote and it’s always fun to hear what he’s up to) over the next three days. If you’re also going to be there, I hope you’ll share some of what you learn as well.

Tag the blog posts and pictures with vste07 so they will show up in David Warlick’s HitchHikr aggregator.

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