Net Neutrality in Plain Language

The folks at Save The Internet have created a short video that does an excellent job of explaining the concept of net neutrality and why it’s important for the average person.

It’s also a major call to action, asking everyone to contact their legislators (state as well as national) to fight the efforts of big telecom to restrict content coming through “their” pipes.

If you want another great video on the topic, check out what Ask A Ninja has to say.

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  1. HOTI75

    I have two request of your readers before they head off and “save the internet.”

    Read this tech bloggers comments on Save the Internet and how the group is actually limiting equal access instead of helping it.

    And take a look at this brief about Joost. Ever heard of it? It’s a new internet TV application. Net neutrality would kill these types of technologies. Save the internet is scared that Joost will help my organization’s cause because it’s a real concern.

    They are scared so they are trying to scare everyone else. BTW, I work with Hands Off the Internet. Thanks for your time.


  2. tim

    They should also understand that the first link is just one person’s opinion and it uses the red herring assumption that those of us who support net neutrality are asking for government “control” of the web.

    No. What most of us what is a law that tells the big telecoms who provide access that they cannot control the content. Their job is to pass along the content without prejudice.

    As to Joost, it’s actually a good example of the kind of “premium” content that AT&T and other want to charge extra to get faster access. And the fact that the big media company Viacom is a primary backer of Joost, it’s very likely they would be able to swing an “agreement” with the telecom providers to give them the faster pipes.

    Hands Off The Internet doesn’t need to scare anyone. The CEOs of the largest companies providing web access in this country (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast) have all threated some kind of two or even three-tiered system that would effectively shut out any kind of innovation that didn’t already have their backing or that of one of their media partners with deep pockets.

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