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It wasn’t a big surprise when Google announced this week they are offering an online variation on the office suite for businesses.

Google Apps Premier Edition offers a pretty good word processor and spreadsheet along with email and calendar service all of which store their files on Google’s servers.

While they are charging businesses for this version of their apps, the free edition remains available for anyone to use. They even have a free version for K12 eduction.

Practically everyone with the title “consultant” following their name has been speculating on how this will affect the Big Monopoly and their Office profit center.

I’m not being paid for my opinions, but viewing this from the users point of view, Google’s move is not likely affect the bottom line in Redmond for the short term. Their monopoly is safe for now.

However, we are just at the beta version of this concept – the web as application – and it’s only going to grow. Basic applications like word processing are fast becoming commodity services rather than products.

I wonder if anyone in our overly-large IT department is paying attention.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Google Apps still gives me the willies about privacy. What consumer data will Sergey and Larry be mining from my docs?


  2. Tim

    The folks at Google say that all data will remain secure and untouched by them. However, that’s still a big concern for many people and only one of the unknowns as this kind of web-based application moves forward.

    In the long run, I suspect that the bigger security risk will still come from shared passwords and “lost” laptops.

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