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Conference Time

Early tomorrow morning I’m heading up the coast to Boston for Alan November’s Building Learning Communities conference. Of course I’m not finished packing but that’s pretty normal.

This is the first time I’ve attended this conference and it should be a different experience, especially compared to the large meetings like NECC.

It’s also been a long time since I’ve traveled by train (other than the subway) so just getting there and back will add something unique to this trip.

Assuming I can find some free wifi access (the hotel wants the usual ten bucks a day), I’ll be blogging some of the conference sessions and posting pictures from around the Boston area.

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  1. Brian Mull

    I look forward to seeing you there. Last year was my first year attending this conference. I went with three others from my school, and all four of us said it was the best conference any of us had ever attended.

    Now, I am fortunate to have landed a job working with Alan, so I look forward to attending in my new capacity.

    I’ll be around, so stop by and say hello.


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