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Studying The Wrong Subject

A new study commissioned by the US Department of Education says that students in public schools perform pretty much the same as those in private schools.

As you might expect, the DOE secretary had nothing to say about the results and the president of the NEA had plenty, both right and wrong.

He was correct in noting that if the study showed private schools with an advantage “there would have been press conferences and glowing statements about private schools”.

And quite wrong in declaring that public schools are “doing an outstanding job”.

The reality, however, is that narrow comparisons like this (4th and 8th grade reading and math) don’t have much value. Even the researchers noted many limitations to the study, calling it “of modest utility”.

But beyond the fact that this new report, like similar ones with similar results, are capturing a narrow snapshot of a small number of students in one fixed point of their learning, educational researchers have a much bigger problem.

They are studying an educational structure that is completely out of date. One designed to train students for life in American 50 years ago not for 2010 and beyond.

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  1. Andrew Pass

    What do you think is the most important thing that schools should offer students today? I’d argue that it is the same thing my first education professor suggested, in 1993. He said students should learn how to find the information that they need to know. I agree.

    Andrew Pass

  2. Miller Smith

    The anti-voucher NEA crowd better be careful in their claims. If the study were true, then private schools get the same result at a much lower cost than government schools.

    Does the NEA really want to tell everybody that?

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