Evidently one of the new features to be included in the next edition of the Big Monopoly’s Word is the ability to publish to a blog directly from the page.

This news is about as welcome as the people who ask me for help with their web sites and then tell me they use Word as their page editor (or almost as bad, FrontPage).

The blogger who posted this information about Word 2007 swears up and down the HTML generated by the program is actually pretty clean.

We’ll see. Considering what a mess all parts of Office make of converting documents to web pages (try it in Publisher sometime), I’m will remain very skeptical until I can test it for myself.

The bigger problem, however, is that there are still too many people out there who believe organizing information for print and organizing it for the web are pretty much the same thing.

They’re the same ones who think people read the web the same way they read paper.

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