Death of the Monkey

WebMonkey is closing down. I’ll forgive you if you have no idea what I’m talking about but I will miss the Monkeys. WebMonkey is a site that was created eight years ago in the "early" days of the web as an advice and training center for the then growing profession of webmaster. Unlike sites with a similar mission that took themselves far too seriously, the Monkeys wrote with an attitude and sense of humor that made the topics both understandable and fun. I’m not a professional at this web building stuff – it’s more of an all-consuming hobby – but I certainly learned a lot from the writers at WebMonkey. I just hope they don’t pull down all the articles before I can go through my little web training site and find all the links I have to Monkey tutorials.

1 Comments Death of the Monkey

  1. chett

    I’m sorry to see the monkey go. I certainly hope that they keep the articles online as an a resource. When I was building ReformK12 I found the monkey to be an invaluable resource. There were actually a number of articles 5 years old or older that are just as pertinent today, especially the CSS and web design stuff.

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