This is somewhat old news but it seems to me that the Grammy Awards are the strangest combination of categories ever created. Rarely, if ever, is the Song of the Year from the Album of the Year (daddy, what’s an album?) and what is the difference between Record of the Year (mommy, what’s a record?) and Album of the Year anyway? I’m also not clear of how a performer fits into a particular category. Where is the line between Rock, Hard Rock and Metal? Or between Pop and Country these days? Or between Jazz and New Age (Kenny G doesn’t belong in either)?

My wife is a member of the Academy (in the classical field) and was eligible to vote this year. However, as I looked over her shoulder at the ballot (it’s all done online), it was very hard to see the logic – and the musical taste, in some cases – behind many of the nominations on the ballot. Rest assured, however, that no votes for Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson or Toby Keith came from this household!

There were a couple of interesting winners from this year that you didn’t see on TV. Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Sophia Loren all won an award for narrating yet another version of Peter and the Wolf. And Al Franken beat Hillary Clinton for the award for the best reading of their own book. My favorite strangeness: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy and Michael McKean won for writing the theme from A Mighty Wind. Who’d ever think that Spinal Tap (or at least 2/3 of them) would win a Grammy?