The Alabama Department of Homeland Security maintains a web site to provide citizens of that state with up to date information about terrorists right next door.

Such as environmental groups, anti-war organizations, animal rights advocates, gay rights groups, and organizations opposed to abortions.

The site included the groups under a description of what it called “single-issue” terrorists. That group includes people who feel they are trying to create a better world, the site said. It said that in some communities, law-enforcement officers consider certain single issue groups to be a threat.

“Single-issue extremists often focus on issues that are important to all of us. However, they have no problem crossing the line between legal protest and … illegal acts, to include even murder, to succeed in their goals,” it read.

In other words, in Alabama, people willing to speak out on an issue, groups “trying to create a better world”, are now considered potential terrorists.

So much for all the talk about people dying to defend our rights. Happy Memorial Day.

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