On Meet The Press this morning, a collection of talking heads were arguing about the economy and specifically about what the government should be doing (or not doing) to help.

As I’ve said before in this space, I don’t know enough about economics to make a rational judgement on any of the proposals, although I’m pretty sure something needs to be done now.

However, I certainly know crap when I hear it and what I heard from one Senator on the panel is exactly that.

But the other thing, to get back to what Congressman Frank said, is that, you know, we’re going to be laying off teachers and firefighters. You know, that’s just fearmongering. We’re not going to be doing that in any of the states.

The states have grown, in their budgets, faster than population growth, faster than inflation for the last several year–actually, probably about the last 15 years. Their budgets are bloated, the federal government’s budget is bloated. What we should be doing is cutting back. Instead of just spending money, we should eliminate wasteful Washington spending and also require the states to have some fiscal discipline.

Well, Senator, in our little corner of the country, we certainly WILL be laying off teachers along with emergency workers of all kinds and, according to statistics from a variety of sources, we are not alone.

Ok, so maybe this guy and his friends in Congress are right that state and local government budgets are “bloated” and they need to cut back on a lot of wasteful spending for unnecessary services.

You could craft an argument in this debate that government would be better off by reducing or eliminating those services and getting by with fewer teachers, police, social workers, and other employees.

But this Senator and his colleagues need to make that case instead of just flat out lying (or demonstrating their ignorance) about the situation.