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Remodeling Again

Between working on a new site for a friend and organizing a workshop for a conference the end of the month, I’ve been spending a lot of time with WordPress this weekend.

So, I figured why not put a new coat of pixels on this space as well?

WP makes switching to a new theme dirt simple.

However, then comes the tweaking required to get things looking exactly like you want them.

And that, of course, is when things start breaking. Let me know in the comments if anything looks out of place or if I’m screwing things up worse than normal. :-)


  1. Nancy McKeand

    I usually read you through Bloglines, so I am not sure I remember what the blog looked like before, but it looks great now. I really like how clean it is. I am using Firefox on an Ubuntu machine, by the way.

  2. Dave

    I usually read the feed then come here to comment…I think this new design looks pretty slick, and so far I like it better. It feels “tighter”…there’s less white space, but all the elements are still readable and distinct. Good choice!

  3. Jean Tower

    I really like the look and everything seems to be working correctly. I just upgraded to the newest WordPress and I am using Thesis, a theme that is not free. I love the flexibility of Thesis and the support. I am still a beginner with customizing, though, and am working on putting a header image in my blog. I hope it is as easy as other customizations have been. You might consider checking it out.

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