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Heavy-duty philosophy from a 5th grade student.

I dream that people will care about what is under the ice, as opposed to only what is on top of it.

Jenny, his teacher, is not quite sure what he meant, even considering the context of a class discussion about Martin Luther King’s dream speech.

I’m not about to try and interpret his thoughts but it’s still been stuck in my head all afternoon.

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  1. Scott S. Floyd

    Things inside the ice are stuck and unable to move or progress. Things above the ice are at a fast pace and able to move around pretty much at will. Hmmm. This kid is deep.

  2. Trina

    And things under the ice are cloudy and hidden and easy to ignore if one chooses…. This kid really is deep…

  3. Miss Profe

    I think that the quote is the child’s take on Dr. King’s content of one’s character reference. I like the metaphor of the ice.

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