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It’s late, this has been a long day so just some quick thoughts about the day.

This afternoon here at Educon 2.0 was great and the conference doesn’t even really begin until tomorrow.

Today we got to see the Science Leadership Academy, our host, from the inside, although with fifty or so adults wandering in and out of classrooms, it could hardly be a typical day.

It is, of course, impossible to understand any school Multitaskfrom this kind of snap shot view but it was still possible to get some idea of what makes this a special learning place.

Chris, the principal, has said many times that this school is not about technology and that was apparent. Every student has a laptop but everyone we met wanted to talk about student projects and the learning going on, instead of showing off the boxes and wires.

The primary emphasis here is on collaboration and using all the tools available to extend the learning outside the building and the “work day”. And the staff made it look so easy. :-)Discussion

Tomorrow the scheduled discussions begin, although that certainly didn’t mean there was no interaction today.

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