It hardly seems possible but the fourth edition of EduCon starts on Friday and I’ve been looking through the conversations, trying to get a little organized before heading to Philadelphia for the weekend.

It’s hopeless. There are just too many good sessions on the schedule and I’ve got at least two tagged in each block.  But that speaks to the unique nature of this conference.

EduCon is relatively small meeting, capped at 500 participants, with no big vendor displays and a focus on conversations about changing education led by some incredibly interesting people.

Which means all of us in the sessions, very often including the SLA students running the cameras, have the opportunity to be an active part of each presentation, not just a passive member of an audience.

Anyway, when you put all the pieces together, it makes for a great few days of connecting and learning from both people I regularly follow than those I have yet to meet.

If you can’t be there in person, follow along virtually.  I think the discussions will be streamed through the Elluminate rooms linked on the Conversations pages. Plus all the tweets, blog posts, photos, videos, and whatever else people use to share their learning.

And hopefully the snow can take a break long enough for me trek up 95 and back.