I was going to comment on this article about the teaching of evolution in schools (or rather the lack thereof) but Paul at Pharyngula does a much better job, so I’ll just recommend that you read what he has to say. I just want to throw in a couple of snarky little questions, however, keyed off the final statements in the story.

But several experts say scientists are feeling increasing pressure to make their case, in part, Dr. Miller said, because scriptural literalists are moving beyond evolution to challenge the teaching of geology and physics on issues like the age of the earth and the origin of the universe.

"They have now decided the Big Bang has to be wrong," he said. "There are now a lot of people who are insisting that that be called only a theory without evidence and so on, and now the physicists are getting mad about this."

How long will it be before only a few students in select schools will get a good science education while everyone else gets this crap? And then how long will it take before another country, one where students actually study science, becomes the scientific leader of the world instead of the US? I’m not sure it’s all that far away.