After reading lots of news and opinions about the election last Sunday in Iraq, I think most of us would conclude that it went pretty well, with a solid turnout. But after two years of war (which is far from over), more than 12,000 American casualties (don’t forget the wounded), more than 100,000 Iraqi deaths (the majority not enemies), over $100 billion spent (and counting), deep divisions at home (there was no mandate for anything), and an almost complete loss of American status and friendship around the world, was this election worth it. No! Final answer.

While we’re on the subject of bringing democracy to the world, why have we spent all this blood and money to allow the Iraqi people to vote for a national representative assembly when 600,000 American citizens are denyed the same right just a few miles up the road from here? The residents of the District of Columbia have no voting representation in the House and Senate. Hell, their own city council can’t pass a law without it being reviewed and sometimes capriciously modified by it’s nanny on the hill (aka Congress). Why is W so hot on spreading democracy around the world but doesn’t support the concept in his own capital city?

Just thought I’d ask.