Extended Pause

Flag Ponds

I never planned to go two months without posting any rants, or other stuff, in this space. Over the nearly twenty years (next May) since starting this blog, I’ve been pretty good about creating something meaningful (mostly) at least every week.

It’s not that I haven’t had any ideas worth blogging about during this extended pause. (At least to me.) This space has always been about writing first for myself, with a side hope that others might read the posts and find them interesting in some way, maybe even useful.

Right now in my drafts folder, I have eleven unfinished posts begun in the past eight weeks.1 I just never managed to complete any of them and hit publish. Undoubtably some will get completed soon. Several will hit the digital trash. That’s always been how the process works.

I suppose I could blame the lack of blogging here on life events getting in the way, but I know that’s probably a minor part of the problem.

You know how they say that little kids are easily distracted? They are pikers compared to a retiree who’s always been a world-class procrastinator.

Anyway, enough of this rambling. I know I also need to build myself a good routine for this and other parts of this new stage of life. After many years where someone else provided something of a daily framework.

At least I have been getting out with my camera on a regular basis this summer and fall, even if I haven’t managed to create any photo posts. A sample of the images I’ve been making is at the top; more coming later here, with much more in the photo gallery.

Stay tuned. I’m not done with this space.

The photo at the top is from a Smithsonian day trip to see art and nature in Calvert County, an area not too far from DC. The image of the Flag Ponds was not enhanced in anyway. They really are that green.

1. Not to mention a some older ones, including a couple that are approaching their second anniversary without hitting the Send to Blog button.

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