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Fear The Social

According to Jim Docherty, assistant secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association, teachers in that country should follow his advice.

First thing is don’t bother telling anybody else about your social life. Nobody is interested about your social life and it doesn’t help.

Oh, but he has more…

Secondly, never make any comment about your work, about your employer, about teaching issues in general.

We have many teachers, administrators, and politicians in the US who’ve adopted the same philosophy. Maybe that’s why nothing in education ever seems to change.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hi TIm,
    I sort of agree with Mr. Docherty on all points bu the very last. We have a professional obligation to speak out about general educational issues. I am barely interested in my own social life, let alone anyone else’s. And my rule of blogging has always been to “praise locally; complain globally.”

    I guess I don’t see how complaining about your fellow teachers or boss online will create positive change in education.


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