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Following the Meme

Doug, Chris, and Will are all participating in the current meme, listing the applications, online and off, they couldn’t get along without.

As my winter break comes to an end and I anticipate heading back to work, I’m pretty blank. So, I’ll play along (using Doug’s format and adding a few notes).


NetNewsWire (a client aggregator that I prefer to the web based choices)
ecto (excellent blog post editor)
Google Search
Apple Mail (email is not a big part of my life so I just go with the default)
iTunes (finding podcasts and keeping them organized)


Google Earth
Google Maps
Apple Pages (working to avoid any MS products in 08)
MediaWiki (we run a knowledge base wiki for our trainers using this software)
Wikipedia (reader, not writer)
YouTube (view, not post)

Less often than weekly

Aperture (excellent photo organizer)
Parallels (unfortunately, some of our district applications only run in IE)
Handbrake (don’t tell the MPAA)
Blackboard (only because it’s part of my job)

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m playing with some other tools that may make the list soon.

And I’m always open to suggestions.

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