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Ready for Kindergarden

One day this week marks the fifth anniversary of the existence of this little corner of the blogosphere.

I don’t know exactly which one since the archives from the do-it-yourself period before I found blogging software have been lost. No loss, really. None of it was anything either of us wants to read again.

Five years later, I’m still learning and having a good time doing it. So I guess I’ll keep ranting for at least another year.

You have been warned. :-)

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Glad to hear it, Tim. The place wouldn’t be the same without your rants! I always am happy to see Assorted Stuff in the rss feed.

    Happy new year,


  2. Dave Sherman

    I just “stumbled” onto your blog. Great stuff! I appreciate that your writing gets right to the point, and it does not ramble on incessantly like so many bloggers do. It makes reading your posts enjoyable. Keep on writing. You are the newest addition to my Bloglines account.

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