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Forbidden Zone

A sign posted in one of our high school libraries.

There’s certainly nothing “academic” about anything on that list. Games? Tell that to Marc Prensky. Message Boards? No one ever learned anything from reading them.

And of course music has absolutely no business being in a place of learning.

Elsewhere in the room another sign declares that students may not use wireless.

Imagine a business paying to completely saturate a building with wireless and then telling their primary clientele they can’t use it.

Welcome to a modern high school.

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  1. Stephen Downes

    Well, at least blogging is allowed!

  2. Karen Richardson

    One of the students interviewed by the Pew Internet study commented that every day when he went to school, leaving behind his games, his chat, his music, and his wired, media rich life for the tyranny of the filtered web and restricted access to electronic resources, he felt like he was going to Guam. It seemed a harsh indictive but I think this sign supports his observation.

  3. Doug Johnson

    It’s tough to defend such a sign, but if there are resource (workstation) shortage issues, this may not be as draconian as it seems. If it comes down to kids getting research, writing and homework done before allowing kids time to chat or play games, I’d support the librarian.

    I am guessing the librarian who put this sign up has, rightly or wrongly, the full approval of teachers, administrators, parents and taxpayers.


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