No More Supersize – Very soon McDonald’s will stop trying to supersize the country but will still continue to sell regular portions of overpriced, tasteless food. I guess that’s progress.

Michael Eisner – The Disney board, under a lot of pressure from stockholders, fired him as Chairman, although he’s still around as CEO. The company will continue to produce nothing but crap until they get someone at the top who will put quality first instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of everything that moves. I’m a Muppet fan and Eisner buying them can’t be good.

Marriage – There must be more important things for W to worry about. The best take I’ve read on the whole gays-marrying-is-going-to-ruin-marriage-for-everyone-else rant came from John at Whatever. However, the news images on this topic that bothered me the most this week were of Rosie O’Donnell’s wedding. I don’t mind her getting married to another woman. I just don’t want to watch her do it – or anything else.

The Bible According to Mel – I guess the movie is a hit since it took in a record amount of money in it’s first weekend. So, what does he do for a sequel?

W’s TV Ads – The images are bad enough but in one he says that he knows how to fix the economy. He knows how to stimulate job growth. He knows how to improve health care. He knows where to lead the country. I wish the hell he would tell the rest of us!