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It’s going to be a busy weekend with blogging taking a low priority. But I’ve got a few links in the Potential Rant folder that I’ll toss out for your consideration.

Another article about teachers fighting plagiarism. It’s a good summary of the problem and attempts to fight it but it really only renews the possibility that maybe we’re giving the wrong assignments. Past rants on the subject are here, here and here.

A reporter for the Boston Globe writes about the loss of quiet time for kids in modern life and how it may be a factor in many childhood problems including attention deficit disorder and the lack of basic problem solving skills. Adults need quiet time, too. Everyone pull out your blankets and let’s bring back the afternoon nap.

The Portland school board is also looking for a superintendent but they aren’t going to tell anyone who the finalists are until they make a choice. Probably best to wait until someone gets the job before the community picks them apart.

In a response to the dismal lack of understanding about science and medicine by W and friends, Harvard and others are planning to pay for stem cell research on their own with no government money. Fortunately, there are people in this country with both intelligence and money – as opposed to W with just money.

And finally, the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year declined an invitation from the Secretary of Education to attend an event in Washington and told Dr. Paige exactly why in an email. Someone else with the courage of their convictions. Hopefully, this kind of thing is contagious.

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  1. SpoVegas

    Private funding for stem cell research undercuts the argument that government funding of scientific research is important, bigtime. If scientists can find elusive private funding after being turned down by the gov’t (for whatever stupid reason) then we should just cut off the funding and private sources will materialize, right? We all know that’s wrong, but that’s where the argument will go.

    Similar to many schools having an “extraciriculars” charge. It started out as a bit of help from parents who could afford it, to a situation where many schools now require students to pay for all kinds of supplies, books, sports stuff, etc.

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