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Fixing Public Education – A Comedian’s View

Bill Cosby has some ideas on how to improve public education addressed to the next President, whoever that may be. It’s a short piece that begins with…

I’m looking at the junkiest room I’ve ever seen. It is a classroom in an American public school; it is public education in America today. A child did not make the room junky; generations of litterers — legislators, school board members, superintendents, principals, taxpayers, teachers and presidents did.

Given the mess, it is a wonder that our children are able to do even as well as they do. We must be grateful that there always have been talented and determined teachers who find their way through the maze of rules and special interests and do what they became teachers to do: help their students shine.

And ends with…

School leaders have to be seen to be heard and to be supported. And we ought to pay them livable salaries, at least enough to afford the chalk and crayons and countless other supplies they buy out of their own pockets. I invite you to look into this room. You can say to our nation, "We must begin — we cannot wait for someone else to clear out the mess."

And includes lots of common sense in between. Of course, Cosby earned a Doctorate in Education which, according to some, immediately disqualifies him from participating in this debate.

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  1. samantha

    this is totally cool cosby
    im glad that somebody actually sees whats going on in america and can have the nerve to say it out loud
    the president may think hes the shiznit but he could use some work it seems all he wants to do is create a war and pretend to be a mr rogers type of guy who loves america u know what i say …bull!!!

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