One of the things I remember from high school Biology is that, in the discussion of evolution, cockroaches are extremely adaptive and will probably survive man as a species. And just like roaches, the folks behind the fiction of the "theory of intellegent design" keep scurrying out from the dark corners of human ignorance to infect science education. This time around they’re working in Ohio.

The Board of Education in that state has approved a set of lessons called "Critical Analysis of Evolution" that will be an "optional" part of the curriculum and which contain "elements of a theory called intelligent design". I can’t believe the so-called educational leaders of Ohio are swallowing that crap. But for an excellent analysis of the situation, read the posting at Pharyngula. He also does a great job of picking apart a questionnaire sent to prospective members of the Texas State Board of Education by an outfit called Texans for Better Science Education, who also advocate the teaching of "intelligent design", a repacked version of creationism. Pharyngula will be going on the regular visit list at the left as soon as I get time to update it.