"I sent in my application for Procrastinators’ Anonymous. They told me it was too late."

I think that is a line from a Steven Wright routine. It’s appropriate here since procrastination is the reason for almost no blogging this week. It all goes back to last September when I agreed to do two workshops at our state technology conference. The conference starts tomorrow and my sessions are on Monday and Tuesday. Of course, being the expert procrastinator that I am, I did little about writing the workshops (other than thinking about them) until this week. And that’s where all the time outside of work has been going.

In my defense, both workshops (Intro to Adobe GoLive and Intro to Cascading Style Sheets) are based on classes that I’ve taught many times. The materials are adaptations of stuff that I’ve written for the classes and for the web site. It didn’t seem that reformatting everything into a couple of 2-1/2 hour workshops would take quite as much time as it has. But the sessions are ready to go, they work well, and I think everyone will get their money’s worth.

Next time, however, I pledge that I will get started as soon as I know about a project like this, work steadily to get it done, and finish early. But, I said the same thing about my income tax forms back in January and I’ll bet you already know when they will be finished. Where did I put that Procrastinators’ Anonymous application anyway?