W’s News Conference – No news. Pre-screened questions. Pre-chosen reporters. Lots of sound bites looking for a question. I thought this was supposed to be a reality show.

W’s Place in History – Unlike most modern presidents, he isn’t worried about it: "History. We don’t know. We’ll all be dead." W told Bob Woodward when asked how history would judge the war in Iraq.

Spyware – These are programs that hide on a computer and use it’s internet connection to send information about the user to someone out in cyberspace. According to an audit done by Earthlink, the average PC has 28 spyware programs running on it. Fortunately, I use an above average computer – Macintosh!

Electronic Tax Filing – Hey, it actually works! I wasn’t too sure about allowing the IRS to take the taxes we owe directly from the checking account but they seemed to have done it right. Even more amazingly, the refund we were supposed to get from the state in "4 to 6 weeks" was deposited in the account today! Of course it still doesn’t out weigh the fact that the overall tax bill was way too high.