Friends Finalé – Didn’t see it. Didn’t see the "news" special on it. Didn’t see the clip job before it. Tonight Show with the cast? Hell, no! There’s nothing really wrong with the show. I used to watch it but just lost interest several years ago. Like too many long running shows (X Files, MASH, Cheers, etc.) , the production of Friends outlasted the writers’ story ideas.

Misdirected Mail – W sent me an autographed picture! It, of course, came with a letter warning of the "liberal special interest groups" that are collecting "hundreds of millions of dollars" to say nasty things about poor W. And it asks me to add to the hundreds of millions of dollars W has already scarffed up. Fat chance! Now if I only had a dart board.

Cicadas – People around here are going nuts over these bugs – and most of them haven’t even arrived yet. For those of you who don’t live in an area blessed enough to be part of the invasion, cicadas are insects that take a 17 year nap and then come out for a few weeks to mate before going back to sleep. They don’t bite but they’re ugly, make a lot of noise, and fly around a lot. At least that’s as much as I remember from the last time they made their appearance. Let’s move on to the next crisis, please.

Baseball in DC – As Major League Baseball tries to figure out what to do with the Montreal Expos (ever thought of just closing them down?), several groups around here are salivating at the possibility of bringing the team to this area. That’s fine as long as they put them in the District and not out here in Northern Virginia. We don’t need any more traffic jams than we already have and I certainly don’t want to help pay for the financial fiasco that a professional sports stadium usually turns out to be.