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Protecting Kids From Them Evil Public Schools

According to T.C. Pinckney, the collapse of the public school system would be "one of the finest things that can happen for the United States". So who is T.C. Pinckney? He is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention who has submitted a resolution for that organization to consider calling for members to either send their children to Christian schools or homeschool them. In fact, the proposal says that it is a "Christian duty" to abandon public schools.

Pinckney has a few other choice words for public education but I’m not going to waste any more electrons quoting him. Instead here’s what another member of the Convention has to say.

Parham [executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics] called the resolution inflammatory and a violation of the Ten Commandments. "There’s a clear commandment that says ‘Thou shall not bear false witness,’ and this resolution bears false witness about school teachers and schools when it says they have an agenda other than education and that agenda is godless," he said.

I can only hope those views are closer to the mainstream of Southern Baptists than are Pinckney’s.

Side note: Pinckney is based not too far from here in Virginia which gives this state a trifecta of religious wingnuts!


  1. Chris Lehmann


    So we’re godless terrorists with a hidden agenda.

    Me… I’m just trying to teach my kids to be bright, kind people who care about what they do and the world around them… Nothing hidden. But hey, Pinckney can come visit my classroom anytime.

  2. Jennifer

    Wonder what this means for those of us who got Ed degrees at Baptist Universities?

  3. Tim

    Probably the same as those of us who got Ed degrees somewhere else. To Mr. Pinckney, none of us are worth much if we’re teaching in public schools. But Chris has the right idea. Pinckney can visit anytime he likes! :-)

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