Friday Random Rants (Flu Edition)

Home Sick – I’d like to blame this infection on Bill Gates but the virus that’s been beating me up the past few days is organic not virtual. I think I know how Wiley Coyote felt when the boulder he tried to drop on the Road Runner fell on his head instead. Makes it hard to blog or do anything else that requires thinking.

Daytime Television – It’s still just as bad as I remember but I noticed something about the commercials. Advertisers seem to assume that anyone watching during the day either needs a job (probably not a bad assumption) or needs a lawyer to sue someone who’s done something to them (who knew Johnnie Cochran had an office in this area?).

Wind – We’ve had two straight days of high winds around here. I’ve decided that’s my vision of hell – a place where the winds blow continuously.

National Do Not Call List – I may have to eat my words on this one. Since the first of October when the penalties for calling a number on the list kicked in, the number of junk calls has gone to almost nothing. This thing may actually work.