Politcally Correct Junk Food

There’s been a lot in the press this year about schools selling junk food and soft drinks, some of it related to the issue of too many kids being overweight. Since Coke is one of the biggest purveyors of this stuff they are also one of the biggest targets. As a result, Coke has had to find other ways to market their stuff to kids. One way is to become a corporate sponsor of the national PTA. Another is to come up with new products that are "healthy".

That’s where Swerve comes in. Swerve is Coca-Cola’s "milk-based drink" that comes in three flavors, chocolate, Vanana (vanilla and banana), and Blooo (blueberry). Not wanting to fall behind in beverage technology, Pepsi has a similar product called Raging Cow. If you’ve never heard of these products, that’s because the drinks are only available in schools. I have no idea what’s in these drinks but it makes me glad I don’t eat in school cafeterias very often.

In my warped little brain "milk-based drink" conjures up visions of people who like to mix Coke with milk, a strange habit of some I knew in college.