Right now, the vast majority of seniors in Virginia high school are expecting to graduate from high school next June.

However, some of them – not to mention their parents – may be in for a surprise as new rules governing the state’s standardized testing program kick in with the class of ’07.

Previous classes could graduate from Virginia high schools by passing six SOL exams mostly of their choosing, even if those tests were in the same discipline. Starting with this year’s seniors, students must pass at least one SOL in history, science and math, as well as two in English. Students also must pass a sixth SOL that they can choose from any discipline.

It’s interesting that the reporter features a quote from a student at our local sci-tech magnet school. That’s not likely to be the place from which you’ll hear all the screams late next spring.

Our state Department of Education is, of course, trying to remind students of the requirements. But I suspect that it won’t make much difference.

If the numbers of students not graduating due to failing one test are large enough, the politicians in Richmond will need to find a secure place to hide.

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