An elementary school in Saskatchewan, Canada is teaching 1st and 2nd graders to blog. In public. On the real world wide web.

Teachers start the kids with some basic training, including what’s appropriate to write about, and by Christmas “the students are running the blogs themselves and even updating them from home”.

Their blogs have also allowed the children to communicate with classes in New Zealand and Wales.

But why would anyone want to try something so obviously dangerous (the kids might say something bad!) and probably not part of the curriculum?

Indeed, blogging acts as an important motivational tool for learning, said Dean Shareski, head of digital learning for the Prairie South School Board. Students are more motivated when they realize hundreds of people can view their work, Shareski said, noting interest in writing has increased since the blogs began.

“It’s allowed them to connect with learning in a meaningful way, in a way textbooks can’t,” he said.

Meaningful learning that doesn’t come from a textbook.

Isn’t that against the law in the United States?

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