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Give Me A Home Without Windows, Please

Bill Gates, leader of the Big Monopoly, is out pushing Windows as the manager of the "ultimate in-home digital lifestyle hub". In the meantime, the Sasser worm brought down the computers of the British Coast Guard, "forcing staff to use pencil and paper to find ships and locate distress calls on maps". Of course their computers were running Windows. Is there any reason why I would want software from the BM running anything in my house? or my car? or the plane on my next flight? or my Department of Homeland Security?


  1. aschoolyardblogger

    Our son is a programer and he is not looking for a job, but has been offered several in the past few weeks. He always looks at the offers. One was a company that performs some pretty important web services all based on M stuff. He told them they need a M guy. In the meantime he has helped them with some of their security issues which he says are very very serious. Although it was nice of Bill to get so many of us computing, the hype sure did pull the wool over our eyes on quality and will ultimately cost many companies more money than ever needed to be spent.

  2. Tim

    You make a good point about the cost of computers. I wonder sometimes if all the money we’ve spent on technology over the past ten years has actually paid off in better learning (actual learning – not test scores :-).

    As for the security angle, part of this rant comes from my frustration with having to help the others in the office when the worms come crashing through the holes in Windows. Not my job but still part of the job.

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